Bill Withers / The Best Of Bill Withers Lean On Me



ベストなので収録曲は18曲。表題の「Lean On Me」も良いですが、「Ain't No Sunshine」「Use Me」など名曲が多数収録されています。



歌がうまいとは言えないとは思いますが、優しいメロディーと舌ったらずな歌い方がなんとも言えない味です。アルバムは9枚1971: Just As I Am 1972: Still Bill 1973: Live At Carnegie Hall 1974: +Justments 1975: Making Music, Making Friends 1976: Naked & Warm 1977: Menagerie 1978: 'Bout Love 1985: Watching You, Watching Me






1. Lovely Day

2. I Want To Spend The Night

3. Let Me Be The One You Need

4. Hello Like Before

5. Tender Things

6. I Wish You Well

7. Ain't No Sunshine

8. Grandma's Hands

9. The Same Love That Made Me Laugh

10. Lean On Me

11. Harlem

12. Use Me

13. Who Is He (And What Is He To You)?

14. You Just Can't Smile It Away

15. Just The Two Of Us

16. Steppin' Right Along

17. You Try To Find A Love

18. My Imagination



Use me

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Ain't No Sunshine